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Solar Alternatives Design provides Photovoltaic (PV) expertise and services to help you begin enjoying the benefits of solar energy. For contractors, we create complete PV design packages ready for permitting and construction. We provide solar evaluations and consulting for homeowners, businesses and government agencies to determine if solar will work for you and optimize a PV system for your needs and your site.

Solar Contractors: Use Solar Alternatives Design to increase your design capacity, provide a type of capability your company currently lacks, or save engineering time so you can focus on growing your solar business.

Do-It-Yourselfers: Get professional design assistance for your DIY project.


Solar energy feasibility and economic evaluations.

Homeowners: Learn if solar energy is right for you.

Commercial: Learn how to make your business green and save energy costs.

Government: Expertise and staffing to translate solar goals into implemented systems.

View our Solar Energy Facts page for useful and interesting facts about solar energy:

  • How solar energy works.
  • Benefits of solar energy.
  • Financing options.
  • Mounting system options.
  • How connecting your PV system to the utility grid works.
  • How a stand-alone battery based PV system works.